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How SEO Can Boost Brand Awareness?

How SEO Can Boost Brand Awareness?

You've built a beautiful website. It represents your brand exactly as you envisioned.

However, unless your website shows up in major search engine results, no one will ever

see your website. In order to start gaining traction, increasing brand awareness and

driving traffic to your site, the contents of your site must serve as a lure that attracts the

attention of search engines such as Google, Bing and others. Search Engine

Optimization (SEO) is the process of making your site appear on the first page of search

results. SEO is a specialty service. Hiring a company to provide SEO services is the first

step in achieving success with your website. If you are looking for a digital marketing

company in San Jose to help your website visibility, we can help.


While people might search for your company by name, that doesn't help you gain new

customers who have never heard of your business before. To bring in new customers,

your website must convey personality, niche products and services that generate

recognition. Your goal is to create remembrance, differentiation and brand awareness of

your website not only to potential customers but also to search engines like Google. A

professional SEO company such as San Jose based Hashtagbizsolutions.com can help

your business meet marketing objectives and create a greater connection with potential

customers while helping them find your business on the internet.


SEO is one of the most powerful tools for making your website visible. SEO consists of

optimizing websites and web pages with the aim of improving their positioning in search

engine results. The ultimate goal is to be featured in the #1 spot of search results. You

will likely notice that most of the websites that appear at the top of Page 1 search

results say "Ad" This means the spot was paid for through a competitive bidding

process. The results that fall under the paid ads are considered organic placement

based on relevance to the keyword search that was completed.


Optimization is achieved by providing content that helps people, explains your brand,

and shows what you have to offer. Using phrases such as, “SEO Company Near Me

should cause an SEO company located in your area to be displayed in the search

results. Good content reinforces your branding and helps gain brand awareness with a

strategy. It also includes earning the top positions for terms used to search for your

product and/or services. When people find your business listed at the top of Google

searches, it causes shoppers to perceive quality and the branding becomes top of mind

awareness of your business. As your brand becomes better known and remembered, it

also becomes a topic on the internet and is more often searched by name on Google.

Search engines place a lot of importance on that.

Google’s algorithm is interested in knowing which brands are best known to the public.

It wants to deliver responses to users, and more well-known brands tend to offer higher

quality content. Users tend to think that companies included in the top search engine

results are more reliable. Nearly 70% of consumers are looking for well-known

businesses to decide which links they will actually click when searching the internet.

The more links that are clicked within your website delivers a positive sign for Google’s

algorithm that helps the page in ranking in the Top 10 search results.